I am going on a sabbatical.

The last two years have been tougher than usual for most people, and for many the situation has not gotten any better in the last two months.

In the course of those two years my partner has had to endure two distinct cancer diagnosis along with subsequent chemo & radiation treatments. While the whole ordeal has taken its toll mentally and physically, it has also drastically changed the trajectory of our lives. Many of our future plans have had to be put to rest, and others are on hold.

An experience like this is immensely taxing, and not acknowledging that fact has the potential to have major consequences down the line. Thus the sabbatical.

The plan is to spend at least the next 6 months recuperating and build back mental and physical resilience.

I’d specifically like to thank my team, my manager and the HR team at Íslandsbanki for the fantastic support they have given me throughout this whole period. It genuinely made a big difference.