An Icelandic creative holding a degree in computer science, I prefer to think of myself as being a competent and productive software developer, distinguished by enthusiasm for learning and taking pride in my work.

Professional interests mostly lie in mobile computing, front end user experiences and server side automation, with a good part of my time being spent toward tending to my craft in the never ending goal of becoming better at it.

Job experiences range from multiple project juggling at a software consultancy, leading platform developement at a startup and helping with the modernization effort at a financial instituation to name a few.

Among my other interests are wilderness hiking, the cooking of elaborate meals and the never ending quest of perfecting my espresso making. I have also started cultivating an interest in urban farming.

For my own tracking purposes I’ve started keeping a public list of any books I’ve read as well as the podcasts that are continously streaming into my eardrumbs.

For those interested my resume can be found here along with a growing list of products I’ve had a hand in found here. Finally I also keep a list of any of my side projects here.

I can be predominantly contacted through Twitter, LinkdIn or by email.