The following is a list of commercial products that I have taken part in developing over the years, from inception and all the way through to launch and beyond. See my resume for further information.

Íslandsbanki (2019 - 2022)

A ground up modern redesign of the mobile banking platform for one of Iceland’s biggest banks, Íslandsbanki.

This new design merged established functionality from a previously created but aging mobile banking client with the new features developed for the bank’s premium card management solution, while using the opportunity to give everything a much needed facelift.

With the native codebase written from scratch in Kotlin, it heavily leveraged relevant Jetpack libraries available at the time, allowing the team to bring the product up to date with the latest technology.

Containing personal card & account management, monetary transfers, personal finance utilities, electronic documents, loan application capabilities, NFC payments and a loyalty system, the application was one of the most feature rich mobile client offerings of its kind in Iceland at launch.

Later feature additions were multi user tenancy, SMB functionality, stock market trading and automatic carbon footprint calculation based on spending patterns.

Íslandsbanki banking app showcase

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Kort (2017 - 2019)

Designed and marketed as the premium card management application for the card issuing arm of Íslandsbanki, one of Iceland’s largest financial institutions.

Developed using a combination of native languages, as well as web technology, it became one of the banks most successful end user products in years. Following the initial release, CDCVM mobile payment capabilities were introduced, making the app the first of its kind in Iceland to offer touchless payment functionality.

Two years after the launch, the product was sunset in favor of merging its functionality into a new and improved mobile banking application.

Íslandsbanki card management showcase

Kass (2015 - 2017)

Kass is a platform for making social payments among multiple parties easier and fun.

Developed by a small team at Icelandic fintech Memento Payments, this natively written application allowed users to sign up with their credit or debit cards and transfer money from it using the credit card processing network.

Additionally users could send requests to one or more individuals, even if they aren’t on the platform, when for instance splitting the cost of something. All transfers and requests had the option of being accompanied by extra meta data such as images and messages.

Kass won the Icelandic “Mobile Application of the Year” award in January 2017.

Memento social payment showcase

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Employee companion (2014 - 2015)

Developed to be the companion application for employees at one of Iceland’s biggest tech companies, it combined various functionality from different platforms into one handy package.

A native application it facilitated meeting room bookings, task & time management as well as listing various internal information such as cafeteria menus and the company phonebook.

Advania employee companion showcase

Realestate inspection (2013 - 2015)

Specifically design to fit the tablet form factor, this application was built on top of a mature ticketing system previously developed by Advania as a modern realestate inspection tool for handymen and other crafts people employeed by big releastate leasing companies.

It listed realestate information and associated tasks, had property survey capabilities, push messaging for communication with head office, image uploading and more.

Each customer had some custom modifications done to the client, both in terms of look & feel as well as functionality.

Advania releastate inspection showcase

Tunnel traffic companion (2014)

Developed over only a three day period, this application was made for a big tunnel operator in Iceland just before the biggest vacation weekend in the country.

They needed something that could be used by their ticket sale to track the types and number of vehicles that came through the tunnel, and correlate that data with their ticket sales.

Postal delivery utility (2013 - 2014)

A utility application developed for the Icelandic postal service, for their package delivery personal.

Containing package delivery routes connected to maps, package scanning utilities, in app store and package handover functionalities it had everything that delivery personal needed to do their rounds.

Tablet punch clock (2013)

An Android kiosk application designed to run on light weight tablets and mounted on a wall as a replacement for an aging line of computerized punch clock machines licensed and maintained by Advania.

Interacted with an inhouse designed and maintained human resource system at Advania.

Translation companion (2012 - 2013)

A small companion application for an Icelandic translation company.

Displayed the user’s list of translation engagements as well as ’end of service’ flow for a customer to sign of on the engagement.

Industry news aggregator (2012)

A small private XML feed reader application for a Norwegian Oil news aggregator.